Integration With Corel Word Perfect

Once again we recommend using the built in word processor in A1-Law.  See the pros and cons of using Word, Word Perfect and the A1-Law built in word processor.  A1-Law now offers three ways to integrate with Corel Word Perfect.

Three Ways A1-Law Integrates With Corel Word Perfect
A1-Law now fully integrates with Corel Word Perfect in two different ways and integrates loosely one way.  Loose integration was the only way A1-Law integrated with Corel prior to version 4.1.0.

Loose Integration
Loose integration is not recommended.  Prior to Version 4.1.0, the only choice Corel users had was to have A1-Law create a document with the A1-Law word processor and then automatically run Word Perfect and load that document created from the A1-Law Word Processor. This is not tight integration because the original document is not created with Corel.  However, this method is retained for backward compatibility.  See the A1-Law Help file for more information on this method albeit not recommended.  However, this method may still be used for other word processors besides Word or Word Perfect.

Tight Integration Method 2
This is what we want.  We want to create and save the original document in Corel Word Perfect with all of Corel's document formatting capabilities. Method Number 2 is the recommended method.  It's simple, easy and only requires one document in Corel and one document in A1-Law.  Method Number 2 may be used with either Word or Word Perfect.  Therefore, we refer you to Method Number Two / Word and Word Perfect Integration.

Tight Integration Method 3
Method Number 3 involves creating two documents in Corel Word Perfect.  One must create an frm and a dat file.  The dat is a merge document that may be merged with any Corel frm file.  A1-Law automatically creates a corresponding dat file for any Corel frm file.  In order to understand this method, you must first read and understand Method Number Two / Word and Word Perfect Integration.

The only real advantage to using this method is you may already be using merge documents without a case management system.  This method allows you to do as little modification as possible.  Otherwise, once again, we strongly recommend you use method 2.

After studying Method Number 2, you may have surmised that method number 3 is a superset of method number 2.  You are correct.  There are really only two additional commands.  Here's an example:

WordPerfectStyle = 3
FileName = test1.frm
DataFile = test1.dat

You may place a

Path = f:\a1law\wp

in the merge document.  Notice we are now using Style 3 instead of Style 2.  Style 3 tells A1-Law that Corel has both a frm and a dat merge file.  See Method Number Two / Word and Word Perfect Integration for more information.