A1-Law to Provide Better Integration with Word and Corel Word Perfect

Pros and Cons
Which word processor do we use?  That is the question.  First, the important thing to understand is that you are not limited with A1-Law.  You may decide to utilize 90% of your letters in A1-Law and the other 10% in either Word, Word Perfect or some in both.  Maybe you want to do all your letters in Word or Word Perfect.  The choice is yours and the staff does not have to wonder which one any letter is supposed to use.  A1-Law automatically knows because the person who designs the letter can select which word processor to use for that letter.  A1-Law automatically saves the letter and when anyone chooses to view that letter, A1-Law knows which word processor to view it in.  What could be better than that?

Integration with Microsoft Word
A1-Law already integrates with Word and has since its first release.  However, after careful review and consideration from versions prior to 4.1.0 it was clear that integrating A1-Law with Word was somewhat complex and required some background with Word and "bookmarks."  A1-Law now allows you a second and easier method of integration with Word files that are also faster to create.  The second method will allow tight and complete integration just like the first method.

Integration with Corel Word Perfect
A1-Law did integrate with Corel Word Perfect in its first release.  But, it was not a "true integration."  Version 4.1.0 now contains full and complete integration with Corel Word Perfect in two different ways.  Both methods allow for "true integration," full and complete.  One utilizes a "data merge file" in Corel that is merged with a main letter and the other does not require a data file.

Clearly one can see the value in all of this.  Any complicated letters may be created with either Word or Word Perfect.  The value is quite clear.  First, anything from A1-Law may be merged into a Word or Word Perfect letter.  Second, A1-Law automatically names the file, attaches it to the case, and saves it so that it may easily be retrieved at any time.  No one needs to worry about what folder to save it in and what filename to save it as.  A1-Law takes care of all of that for you.  In fact, it does this with a letter saved in the A1-Law word processor, Microsoft Word, Corel, or court forms.  Automation and organization is what saves time.

The A1-Law Word Processor / Pros and Cons

Advantages of using the A1-Law word processor:

1.    You don't need to buy anything else and license it on every workstation in your office.  This alone could save thousands.  However, this may not be an issue for some offices because the purchase of Word or Word Perfect may have already taken place.

2.  If your computers are slower than 500 Mhz, you may have to wait too long for your word processor to load which makes quick generation of form letters impractical.

3.  Future updates of either Word or Word Perfect may prove to be incompatible with prior versions.

4.  Fourth, creating and integrating a Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect letter with A1-Law is a little more involved than creating a letter with the A1-Law word processor.

Disadvantages of Using the A1-Law Word Processor

In spite of all of the advantages of utilizing the A1-Law word processor, there are some disadvantages.

1.  Your staff may be more familiar with Word or Word Perfect and they may be very resistant to switching except for perhaps the most simple of all letters.

2.  Word and Word Perfect are clearly more powerful word processors and allow for almost anything when it comes to formatting a document.  A1-Law now offers two ways to integrate with Microsoft Word and Three ways to integrate with Corel Word Perfect (two are tightly integrated).

3. Regardless of your choice, you must learn the A1-Law word processor and word processing commands before you have the "tools and knowledge" necessary to integrate A1-Law with either Word or Word Perfect.

Now Available
This update is now available in all versions as recent as 4.1.0..  It's right here on the web for all users of 4.0.3 or more recent..