Report for Date of Injury in the Last Two Years

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Report for Date of Injury in the Last Two Years


Post by Admin1 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:28 pm

1. Click the Report icon on the toolbar

2. Select the Case Injury Report

3. Anything you enter on the LEFT will allow the report to run faster. For example, if you only want a list of cases that are still open then enter O for the status on the left. Enter the Atty Hand initials to limit the query further.

4. Enter the following in the Advanced on the right side of the screen (so if today's date was 7/11/2017 then you would enter a date two years back as follows):

doi >= ctod("7/11/2015") or doi2 >= ctod("7/11/2015")

5. Check the Ignore Errors checkbox

6. Click the Run button. The report might take some time to run.

7. At the Case Injury Report Results window click the dropdown at the lower right for various reports and Right Click the printer icon and click Preview to preview the report.

See the attached screenshot

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