A1-Party Emails & the Outlook "Stuck" Issue

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A1-Party Emails & the Outlook "Stuck" Issue


Post by LMSSC » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:06 pm

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for the time discussing, investigating, and reviewing options in regards to the A1-Party Emails & Outlook "Stuck" Issue.

Since other offices may be experiencing this issue, wanted to make sure it was reviewed here.

Software setup: Windows 7 64-bit Professional + MS Outlook 2010

Problem: When sending out Outlook emails using the A1 Parties list - Emails would get "stuck" (not sent) in Outlook's Outbox

After spending time on the issue together, Figured out the following Workarounds to make it "Usable" until a fix is discovered:

1. The Outlook program should be started along with A1 when you use your computer (E.g. Allow Outlook to run all day when using the computer.)

If the "main" Outlook program (Shows your inbox, etc.) is running when the A1-Outlook emails are sent - They won't get stuck.

2. Checking the "Outbox" on a regular basis (If there are messages in here there will be a "(number)" next to it). If there are messages in there they can be sent out by opening the message and Clicking on Send (If you need to figure out when the message was originally created you can check in Case Activity) - A notation should be made in Case Activity when these were actually sent.

I'm going to continue to review the setup and settings with some internet research as discussed.

Thanks again!
Michael Lerner
Network Administrator
Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel
(909) 889-1131

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